Logical, and practical

I was raised in a Navy family, and subsequently moved around often as a kid.  Many people in my family served including my grandfather, uncles, dad, stepdad,  brother, and cousins.  I started my career right out of high school as an aircraft mechanic.  I eventually became licensed by the FAA after attending vocational school, and have worked in industry ever since in different roles and responsibilities. While working fulltime I kept going to school to earn a BS in Business Quality Management.  Currently, I am on track to complete a MS in Engineering Technology  this year.

I've been with Kristen since 2010, and together we've adopted both our children.  Liam is 5 years old, and Olivia is living up to the terrible 2 people warned us about.  We've lived in Denton for over 7 years now and love the diversity the city provides in restaurants, entertainment, and activities for families and children.

I, like I imagine most parents just want a good and safe place for our kids to grow and prosper.  The growth our area is expected to have for the next several decades needs to be managed in a strategic manner.  We need to target the right companies with the quality jobs to come here.  We need to maintain and develop our infrastructure.  The amount of lead in our drinking water needs to remain low, and we need to reverse the trend of it increasing.  The city of Denton has a whole lot to do, and limited resources to do so.  We need evidence based decisions to be made for our future instead of partisan influence from out of state.