The city of Denton needs to focus on quality job creation.  I support targeting manufacturing and technology companies over warehousing ones.  One specific area that can be developed is the airport.  The entire West side of the airport remains undeveloped.  There is no reason in my mind that we can't bring in a company to grow there.  We need to help our college graduates at UNT, TWU, and NCTC  in creating jobs if that is their ambition to do so.  The city should help find land or property for these new graduates who want to start a company.  There first year of a business created by a UNT, TWU, or NCTC graduate should be tax free to help promote their growth into a successful company.


North Texas, along with other cities in the state all have a shortage of housing.  As a member of the city council, I will support policies that increase the availability of housing.  


With the recent winter storm, the city of Denton was stuck with a bill of over $200 million.  Additionally, other utilities on the grid are failing to pay ERCOT.  ERCOT is trying to utilize a tool called uplift in extracting even more money from the citizens of Denton to pay ERCOT.  The city has sued to try to stop this process from occurring, but we need to look beyond this.  Denton and its citizens have spent hundreds of millions of dollars over the years improving our electrical infrastructure to only be let down due to our reliance on ERCOT.  We need an in-depth benefits analysis of why would should remain on the grid with ERCOT verses being independent or hooking up to the national grid.  Additionally we need a feasibility study on being independent of ERCOT just as El Paso Electric Company is. 


It is easy to damage the environment, but it is difficult to clean it.  An all or nothing approach for the environment isn't realistic, so there will always be a balancing act.  I'm the type of person who likes to error on the side of caution when the facts are not currently clear or defined well, so know every decision I would make as a member on the city council will be made with good judgement.  From 2018 to 2019 the amount of lead in our drinking water has increased from .0023 ppb to .8.  This is a trend we need to reverse before we become the next Flint.


I will ensure our first responders get all the PPE, other gear, and training that they need to properly do their job.  I support Chief of Police Frank Dixon in his expansion of getting a mental health division setup, staffed, and funded.


Education is the foundation to everything in what we accomplish in our personal lives, and society as a whole.  All children regardless of their parents means, or their own intellectual abilities should receive an education.  I will be a supporter for everything that improves our children's education and safety.


We need to meet the future growth needs of the city, but we most also make prudent decisions with our limited resources to fund everything we want and need.  I won't support any toll roads if that comes up for a vote.